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Nepal to send 4 rhinos to China as gifts

Tourism Mail | 3rd May, 2018

KATHMANDU, May 3:  Following the capture of a one-horned rhino on Thursday, Nepal finalized all four baby rhinos which will be gifted to China as part of enhancing friendship between the two neighbors. A final female rhino was taken control from the western sector of the Chitwan National Park (CNP) premise on Thursday afternoon, according…

Nepal to send two pairs of rhinos to China as gifts

Tourism Mail | 1st May, 2018

KATHMANDU, May 01: The Nepali government is preparing two pairs of rhinos to give to China as gifts, authorities confirmed here on Saturday. A team of around 50 people including officials from national park, technical experts, veterinary doctors, Nepal army officials captured a one-horned rhino from the Chitwan National Park(CNP) on Saturday. “A male rhino…

Six arrested for killing spotted deer

Tourism Mail | 1st May, 2018

KATHMANDU, May 01: Police on Monday arrested six individuals from Sitapur village in Tikapur municipality – 2 for killing the spotted deer. The police received a tip-off that a spotted deer was being hacked at a chicken farm belonging to one Gorakh Singh. The police arrested the six along with spotted deer’s meat and equipment…

Nepal attempts to capture 1st among 4 baby rhinos as gift for China

Tourism Mail | 30th April, 2018

KATHMANDU, Apr 30:  The Nepali government on Friday started process to capture a baby rhino within the premise of Chitwan National Park (CNP) as part of the rhino-gifting process to China, authorities said. A team of around 50 people including officials from the national park, technical experts, veterinarians, army officials along with a representative from…

Royal Bengal Tiger found dead

Tourism Mail | 20th April, 2018

CHITWAN, Apr 20: A rare Royal Bengal Tiger was found dead at Panchakanya Community Forest of Ratnanagar, Chitwan. The tiger was found dead Friday. It was seen playing in water and jungle nearby the area the day before, said district forest officer Kedar Nath Poudel. The male tiger perhaps succumbed to wounds on its body….

Over Rs 700 m provided to buffer zone locals from CNP

Tourism Mail | 20th April, 2018

CHITWAN, Apr 20: The buffer zone management committee comprising the locals in areas around Chitwan National Park has so far distributed over Rs 700 million to the locals there. The amount was mobilized from the CNP’s income. The committee was formed aimed to normalize the rising conflict between locals and CNP. CNP information officer Nurendra…

Chinese Representatives in Chitwan to take rhino

Tourism Mail | 20th April, 2018

CHITWAN, Apr 20: As per the government decision to gift two pair of rhinoceros to China, the officials and employees at Chitwan National Park have initiated efforts to take the pachyderm under control. Park Chief Bed Kumar Dhakal informed that that the places to locate the rhinoceros have been identified with the mobilization of the…

Wild water buffalo census begins in KTWR

Tourism Mail | 11th April, 2018

ITAHARI, April 11: Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) has begun the census of the world’s rare endangered species, wild water buffalo from Tuesday. The census of the bovidae animal has been conducted in every two years as per the policy of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation. According to the earlier round census, there…

Sparrows become prey to climate change and pollution in Kanchanpur

Tourism Mail | 22nd March, 2018

KANCHANPUR, Mar 22: Sparrows that used to be seen in large numbers around houses and farms in the district have diminished in numbers over the years. The most common birds, sparrows, have started feeling the pressure of climate change and are on the verge of disappearance from Kanchanpur and surrounding areas. With the increase in summer…

‘Joint patrol’ for wildlife conservation in CNP

Tourism Mail | 22nd March, 2018

CHITWAN, Mar 22: A joint patrol team comprising local community members, national park employees and Nepal Army personnel has been mobilised for wildlife conservation at the Chitwan National Park (CNP). The joint patrol mechanism has been put in place to make conservation efforts effective and coordinated, shared CNP Public Information Officer and Assistant Conservation Officer Nurendra…

Tiger population increased in Parsa National Park

Tourism Mail | 21st March, 2018

HETAUDA, Mar 21: Parsa National Park has seen an increase in the population of tigers. The park, which reaches across 3 districts, has noted a significant increase in its tiger population in the past five years. The number of tigers has increased from 7 to 20 in the past five years. Chief Conservation Officer Hari…

World’s last male northern white Rhino ‘Sudan’ dies

Tourism Mail | 21st March, 2018

WASHINGTON  D.C., Mar 21 : The last surviving northern white male rhinoceros of the world, named Sudan, breathed his last on Tuesday. The 45-year-old Sudan was suffering from severe health complications, due to age-related infections, as per the Guardian. Sudan, the “gentle giant”, who lived in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, was put down…

Vulture conservation campaign yields better result

Tourism Mail | 13th March, 2018

NAWALPARASI, Mar 13: A vulture conservation campaign has been initiated by setting up an environment to provide safe food to the vultures in Nawalparasi (east to Bardaghat-Susta) district. In its bid to conserve the vultures, Jatayu Restaurant, the first of its kind for vultures in Asia, has been setup at Kawasoti Municipality-8 to collect foods…

Himali Conservation Forum allocates 6.8 million for conservation of Red Panda

| 27th February, 2018

KATHMANDU, Feb 27: The Himali Conservation Forum has allocated a budget of over Rs 6.8 million for conservation efforts of red panda in Taplejung this year. Red panda, known as ‘Habre’ in Nepali, is a rare species and has been classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. According to Forum Program coordinator…

Elephant festival celebrated in Laos

Tourism Mail | 17th February, 2018

VIENTIANE, Feb 17: The Elephant Festival was held from Friday to next Thursday in northern Lao province of Sayabuly with 69 elephants joining the activities. The elephant festival has been held annually for 12 years since 2007, with the purpose to educate, entertain the people, to raise awareness of these endangered animals and identify the…