Dumjee in Khumbu

DUMJEE is a colorful festival of Sherpa people living in north-eastern areas of the country especially the Khumbu region. It is a five-day festival celebrated from 9th to 13th day of the 5th month according to the Tibetan Lunar calendar. The festival is celebrated in the memory of Lama Sanga Dorjee. Lama Sanga Dorjee is believed to be the first to have set his footprints in the Khumbu region. It is believed that people started settling in the places where Lama Sanga Dorjee put his footprints or ‘Che’. Lama Sanga Dorjee and his two brothers built monasteries in Thame, Pangboche and Gumila. The people of Khumbu region are believed to have begun celebrating Dumjee annually after the death of Lama Sanga Dorjee.
Interestingly, Dumjee was celebrated only in these three monasteries in early years. But now Dumjee is celebrated in the monasteries of Pangboche, Khumjung, Namche, Thame, Gumila and Lukla. Though celebrated in the memory of Lama Sanga Dorjee, the major aspect of the Dumjee celebration is the worshipping of local deities. If you have been to the Khumjung village, you can see Khumbi-Ila which is worshipped by the Sherpas as their sacred mountain. It is believed that once a huge boulder got detached from the mountain and started rolling downwards. But the boulder was stopped by a small rock above the monastery. Sherpas believe that the boulder was stopped by Khumbi-Ila. Since then the tradition of worshipping Khumbi-Ila is believed to have begun.

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