Shri Yantra

Yantra is a point where the soul meets with divine. There are many different yantras and Shri Yantra is regarded as the highest and absolute point where the divine unison takes place. The triangles of the Shri Yantra are called the Nine Cosmic Wombs (Nava-yoni) and parallel the Nine Categories of Nature in the macrocosm. The triangles are in two sets, four of which points upward from the center (Shree Kastha), representing the Shiva principle of the individual soul (Jiva) and its vital energies. The five triangles pointing downwards from the centre are representative of the Shanti principle, where they stand for the five elements of the macrocosm: earth, water, fire, air and either. The two sets of triangles are superimposed to show the imperishable unit of Shiva-Shakti. So united are they that they form the creative cosmic field, represented here by 43 triangles. Metaphysically, this state constitutes the evolution of all the elements of nature.

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