The Business of Molasses in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Krishna Maharjan was busy making molasses in the front yard of his house in Patan. His other family members also were lending him hand in making and packing of the molasses for sale. It’s been about a decade that his family has started the business of making and selling of molasses.

“We have a lot of sales during the season time and less during the off season period but there is no halt in making and selling of the molasses. It’s been about 35-40 years that I start making the molasses,” said Maharjan.

The sales of molasses is high during the winter season. People who make and sale the molasses are busy from the mid of November to mid of January. The famous “Maghe Sakranti” (First Day of Magh) also falls in this time period.

There is no official statistics or data about the consumption and production of molasses nor the number of people engaged in this business. The selling of molasses widely called as “Chaku” is minimal but the makers are sure that they can sustain with this business.

“In the season time we have sales of more than 50,000 kg of molasses but in the off season we sale molasses in between 25,000- 30,000 kg,” Maharjan said.

11 Hundred grams of pile of lump of sugar “Bheli” is needed to prepare One Kilogram of molasses and the producers only can make profit of 15-20 rupees through the sales of molasses.

During the off season after mid of January the demand and consumption of molasses slides down with the change in the climate. With the increase in temperature people don’t favor the consumption of molasses but the sales doesn’t dry out.

“By consuming the ghee and Chaku “Molasses” we gain heat during the winter season. Apart from it it is our culture and we must follow,” Ram Cha, consumer of Molasses said. Molasses which is a lump of boiled sugar is equally beneficial for new mothers and also is used during the rituals performed by Newar community. Asian News International (ANI)

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