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Nepalese Handicrafts are popular throughout the world for their superior quality, splendid workmanship and artistic excellence. Handicrafts not only carry finest sensibility and artistic expression but also cultural conscience about the historical and religious significance of the place.

Paubha/ Thangka

Paubha Art also known as Thangka are sacred scroll paintings depicting deities, icons and myths of Buddhist scriptures and cosmology. The painting is depicted in cotton scrolls, canvas or silk using gold, silver and stone pigment to create lustrous effect. It takes two to six months to complete the painting work. Although they are available in almost all tourist hubs, the best places to buy these are at Boudha in Kathmandu and Ekantakuna in Lalitpur.

Lokta Paper

Lokta paper is prepared from the bark of a particular tree found in the high altitude areas of Nepal. The soft pulp obtained as a result of boiling, washing and beating of the wooden fiber is spread in a wooden frame and dried in the sun before it is ready to use. Business stationery, decorative items like lampshade and wall paper, wrapping paper, carry bags are popular items made from lokta paper. Lokta paper and paper products are available at tourist hubs like Thamel, New Road and the three Durbar Squares of the valley.

Hemp Products

Various products like passport bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, laptop bags, hats, slippers, belts, camera cover, wallets among others are made up of hemp and is made by the local artisans. These products are available in Thamel, heritage sites of Kathmandu valley and in Lakeside areas of Pokhara.


Pottery is usually made from black clay and is sun- baked and baked in furnace for attractive color and durability. Items of household needs like water jar, animal figure, deities and coin-container are made of clay. Pottery are found In different parts of the Kathmandu valley. Although there are quite a few places to buy ceramic ware In Kathmandu, it is recommended to visit pottery square In Bhaktapur and observe the traditional ways of working on the wheel, for original designs, and for authentic shopping.


Khukuris are curved knives used by the Gurkhas. The authentic Khukuri Is made by the traditional ironsmith and represents the legendary valor of the brave Gurkhas. There are several places to buy Khukuri in Kathmandu especially at the popular tourist hub of Thamel. Khukuris from Bhojpur In the eastern part of Nepal are considered the most authentic.


Garments like jackets, trousers, caps and embroidered T- Shirts are very popular among shoppers. Similarly articles such as, pullovers, sweaters, mufflers, socks, legwarmers, bags, hats are equally fashionable. These Items are available In Thamel and heritage sites of Kathmandu valley and the tourist hubs In Pokhara.

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