May 29, 2024

Kathmandu Business Hotel to come into operation on Tuesday

Kathmandu Business Hotel to come into operation on Tuesday

KATHMANDU, August 14:Kathmandu Business Hotel, located in Thamel is set to come into operation from Tuesday. With the investment of Suman Raman Acharya and others, the hotel is set to start operation with three-star-level facilities.

The hotel has 40 rooms including a suite, deluxe, twinning, apartment, a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, meeting hall, and a visitor space.

Located on Jyatha (Brahmakumari Marg) in Thamel, which is considered the heart of Kathmandu, the hotel has also launched a restaurant on the fifth floor of the hotel, where visitors can taste different flavors while enjoying the outdoor view.

According to Umesh Bhatta, general manager of the hotel, Kathmandu Business Hotel is constructed at an investment of Rs 80 million. He also said that the top priority of the hotel is to uplift the satisfaction level of visiting customers.

"Our team will leave no stone unturned to make the stay in Nepal memorable by providing customers with clean food and an excellent stay in a beautiful environment," he said.

The hotel will be inaugurated on the 15th of August and will start official operation on the same day. The hotel will also provide a discount of 15 percent for the opening month, as per Bhatt.

Currently, the hotel has provided employment to 40 experienced and skilled people in the initial stage. The customer will be provided with all facilities including free Wi-Fi, phone service, room service, parking, sensor, and security from the hotel.