Jul 16, 2024

Yeti Airlines' starts night flight to Pokhara

Yeti Airlines' starts night flight to Pokhara

KATHMANDU, Sep 17:Yeti Airlines started ​​​​​​flying at night from Kathmandu to Pokhara International Airport. The schedule has also been arranged so that this flight will be effective from today (Sunday).

Although Pokhara International Airport already has the facility of night flights, Yeti airlines are going to start night flights with effect from today.

According to Sudarshan Bartaula, the airline's spokesperson, Yeti Airlines has scheduled flight number NTY 683 from Kathmandu at 5:30 pm and flight number NTY 684 from Pokhara at 6:20 pm for the night journey.

"Currently, there is only one flight for the night," he stated, "but the number of flights will be increased later than the current time based on passenger demand."

He stated that night flights are sometimes delayed due to non-starting IFR flights, and now that problem will also be removed.

Yeti Airlines operates six daily flights to Pokhara.