May 29, 2024

Bus tickets can be booked via Viber

Bus tickets can be booked via Viber, which has been providing online bus ticket purchasing services, may now be booked via Viber as well. Busseva Travels and Rakuten Viber have agreed to provide an online bus ticket buying service during an event.

On behalf of Viber, the agreement was signed by PR Khanal, Chief Executive Officer of the bus service, and Toshihiko Otsuka, Director. According to the agreement, bus tickets to any place in Nepal can now be ordered through Viber's chat box.

"We have always provided services to passengers in a way that is convenient for them," stated PR Khanal, chief executive of bus services, during the agreement program. We feel that the service that allows travelers to purchase tickets over Viber would make things easier. has been delivering services on most routes throughout Nepal as part of Bussewa Tours and Travels. In addition, the bus service has been offering online ticket purchasing services in cities such as New Delhi, Bodhgaya, Muzaffarpur, and others across India.