Jul 16, 2024

Spice Jet plans to resume flights between Delhi and Kathmandu

Spice Jet plans to resume flights between Delhi and Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, Nov 29:SpiceJet, an Indian airline, has announced plans to resume flights between Delhi and Kathmandu. The company, which previously operated flights between Delhi and Kathmandu, has formally requested a re-flight with the Civil Aviation Authority.

The company, which began flights between Delhi and Kathmandu in 2010, ceased operations in 2015. After restarting the flight, it was cancelled in 2020 due to the corona pandemic.

The company has now written to the authority requesting a re-flight. The company has requested permission for two daily flights, according to the authority. The authority will set the permit time after the company has formally applied for the flight permit.

"Spice Jet has now delivered the mail. If the application is formally submitted, the date and number of flights will be determined."

As more aircraft are added for the flight, the ticket price decreases due to competition. According to Gyanendra Bhul, co-spokesperson for the authority, it will directly benefit passengers.

“It's good that Spice Air has come in contact with the flight. Kathmandu-Delhi is a very busy sector. When the number of planes is low, there is a problem of not getting tickets and it is expensive. "The more airlines that fly, the more competition there is and the cheaper the ticket."

Spice Jet has replaced the old General Sales Agent (GSA) in Nepal with a new GSA.