Jul 16, 2024

Agreement between Prabhu Capital and Ant Foundation

Agreement between Prabhu Capital and Ant Foundation

KATHMANDU:Prabhu Capital Limited and Ant Foundation have reached an agreement.

The company has signed a cooperation agreement with each other, providing financial support through the Social Responsibility Fund in solidarity with the Ant Foundation's cancer awareness program on November 28. Ashish Gauchan, Chief Executive Officer of Prabhu Capital Limited, and Prashant Tamrakar, founder of Ant Foundation, signed the agreement.

Prabhu Capital will donate 50% of the annual service fee from the first year's annual service fee received from women who are members of the 'Prabhu Aishwarya Yojana' and 20% of the plan's profit to the Foundation.

The company has stated that it will support women's empowerment and breast cancer awareness programs in women with social security obligations.

Women customers can begin investing with a minimum of 3 lakh rupees in this investment management service geared toward women.