May 29, 2024

Nepal will not be removed from the EU's security list

Nepal will not be removed from the EU's security list

KATHMANDU, Dec 01:The European Union (EU) has continued to maintain Nepal's security list (black list).

The EU sent a letter to the Civil Aviation Authority on Wednesday and informed that it could not be removed from the blacklist this year.

The EU's Department for Mobility and Transport has continued to blacklist 20 Nepali airlines in its latest report on the air safety list. The majority of private airlines and helicopter companies, as well as the state-owned Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), are among them. 

According to the EU, the ban has been extended because Nepali airlines, out of a total of 12, do not meet international safety standards.The update also reflects the decision to keep the ban on air carriers certified in Nepal in light of ongoing safety concerns discovered during an assessment visit to Nepal from September 11 to September 15. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal's proactive engagement and ongoing efforts to improve its safety oversight capacity, on the other hand, were duly acknowledged during the meeting.