Jul 24, 2024

Udhauli festival celebrated (Photo Feature)

Udhauli festival celebrated  (Photo Feature)

Udhauli festival, the main festival of Kirat community is celebrated all over the country.

The Kirat community has celebrated Udhauli at the Manghim Kirat temple at Hattivan in Lalitpur. Along with Lalitpur, the community celebrated the festival across the country today.

Especially Rai, Limbu, Yakkha, Sunuwar, Thami, Surel, Jirel, Hayu, Chantyal, Dhimal and other castes are celebrated as the main festival.

Originally, these castes used to celebrate the Udhauli festival in their ancestral lands, but recently it has started to be celebrated in different cities as well.

On this day, the Kirati community remembers their ancestors and nature and worships them respectfully.

At this time when the crops planted in the field have been brought in, it is a special feature of this festival to thank nature for making the environment suitable from planting to the time of bringing in the crops.

Photo By: AP Tolong