May 24, 2024

Tourists increased in Bardia National Park

Tourists increased in Bardia National Park

BARDIA, Feb 02:Domestic and foreign tourists are increasingly visiting Bardia National Park. According to the park administration, visitors come to witness wild species like tigers, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros, and swamp deer.

The park's chief conservation officer, Ashok Kumar Ram, stated that as the number of tigers has climbed to 125, the number of local and foreign tourists has increased. Informing that about 90% of tourists have seen tigers, he added that by the mid-January of last fiscal year, 2,000 foreign tourists had visited, but it has now reached over 4,000 by the current mid-January of the fiscal year.

Similarly, by mid-January last year, 6,000 domestic tourists had visited the park, and by mid-January this year, the figure had risen to 10,000. By mid-January last year, 500 tourists from SAARC nations had visited the site, and by mid-January this fiscal year, the figure had risen to 800. Ram, Chief Conservation Officer, reported that the number of tourists visiting park this year has increased from the previous year.

Mentioning that this park has been built as a tourism center, he stated, "About 20,000 tourists are expected to visit the park this year, with the main reason being the increased number of tigers, so that they can see them directly."

According to Chief Conservation Officer Ram, the number of American tourists is growing as more people visit the park from nations like the United States, Germany, France, New Zealand, China, and India.