Jul 12, 2024

Airport expansion dream coming true in six years- Mayor Dahal

Airport expansion dream coming true in six years- Mayor Dahal

CHITWAN, Feb 04: Bharatpur metropolitan city mayor Renu Dahal said her dream of the expansion of Chitwan-based Bharatpur Airport was coming true with the recent cabinet decision for the same.    

Talking to journalists at her office, mayor Dahal noted, "This was the agenda I had floated in the beginning of my first tenure as mayor. I am extremely happy to cherish my promise before the people of Chitwan after the cabinet decision for the airport expansion".    

She said it was a matter of great pleasure for the agenda endorsed from the cabinet after six years of untiring efforts. "The cabinet has decided to expand the airport by shifting the Nepal Army's Horse Breeding Centre to Shaktikhor. I need full support from the Chitwan denizens to materialize the decision as before".    

With the widening of the airport, big crafts can also operate their air services to and from Bharatpur. Even the night-time services will be possible. The service recipients can also get air service in a cheaper price.    

At present, the air ticket from Bharatpur to Kathmandu costs around Rs 4,800. Although it is not certain, the ticket price is expected to decrease to around Rs 3,000 with the operation of big aircrafts.    

"The air expansion will not only benefit the Chitwan residents but also the people from adjoining districts", she said, adding it would also significantly contribute to the promotion of tourism in Chitwan.    

"We are constructing the international level cricket ground in Chitwan. There will be a flow of players and spectators from different parts of the country and beyond. We need the expanded airport in this context as well", mayor Dahal shared.    

The Bharatpur-based Nepal Army barrack is geographically connected with the airport.