May 24, 2024

Japanese entrepreneurs Interest to invest in Nepal's tourism sector

Japanese entrepreneurs Interest to invest in Nepal's tourism sector

KATHMANDU, Feb 04:The Nepal tourism Board has met with the Ambassador of Japan to Nepal and Japanese entrepreneurs in Kathmandu to encourage Japanese investment in the tourist sector.

Acting Director Laxman Gautam welcomed the Japanese Ambassador to Nepal, Kikuta Yutaka, and a delegation of Japanese government officials and entrepreneurs to the event in Kathmandu.

Ambassador Yutaka addressed at the occasion about Japan and Nepal's long-standing friendship, stating that the Japanese are willing to invest in Nepal if legal conditions are eased.

Nepal is a beautiful country. Japanese citizens like to visit Nepal. Last year, the meeting and discussion with high-ranking officials of various Japanese enterprises in Nepal helped us understand more about Nepal,' Ambassador Yutaka said. 'This time, the interest in what can be done in the tourism industry has increased.'

Similarly, Laxman Gautam, the acting director of the board, provided information on Nepal's most recent tourist developments.

Furthermore, Junko Tabei, the first female Everest climber, stated that there is a distinct dimension to Nepal-Japan relations and that Japan plays an important role in developing mountain tourism.

She stated that Japanese restaurants are becoming more common in Nepal and that the tourism industry is an attractive economic opportunity.

The team that visited Nepal includes operational and executive heads from several famous Japanese corporations.

16,463 Japanese visitors visited Nepal in 2023. The figure was 30,534 in 2019.