Jul 12, 2024

Balloon Nepal gets permission to fly up to 9,000 feet

Balloon Nepal gets permission to fly up to 9,000 feet

KATHMANDU, Feb 05:Balloon Nepal, the only company in Nepal that flies passengers in hot air balloons, has been granted permission to fly up to 9,000 feet above the ground level.

Bikram Bade, President of Balloon Nepal, stated that balloons, which were previously restricted to a maximum altitude of 3,000 feet, can now provide passengers with a better perspective of the Annapurna snow range, Pokhara, and amazing sunrise and sunset views.

The ATC of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has been granted permission to fly from Lauruk to the Chankpur region of Pokhara International Airport by frequently monitoring the Nepal Government's tower frequency, according to the ministerial decision, officer Mukesh Dangol stated.

Bade stated that permission was obtained after a technical examination of the flight site and studying the manufacturer's flight manual for the balloon currently in flight.

Hot Air Balloon is an adventure game where you sit in a balloon filled with hot air and enjoy panoramic views.

The hot air balloon comprises of a 'envelope,' which resembles a balloon, and is filled with air using internal blowers. Once the balloon has formed, gas combustion heats the air, elevating it. The pilot controls the airspeed, and a 32-square-meter basket suspended beneath the 21-meter-high balloon can hold up to eight passengers at once. 

Sunrise and sunset lovers can book flights in the morning and evening, respectively. Because the wind speed is stronger in the afternoon, morning and evening hours are thought to be ideal for hot air balloon flights.

Passengers in the hot air balloon enjoy beautiful views of Pokhara city, several lakes, Pumdikot, Sarangkot, and the wide Himalayan range. The flying duration allows spectators to watch the breathtaking sunrise and sunset transitions.

Nepali tourists must pay Rs 9,500 per person for a half-hour flight. A cost of Rs 5,000 per person has been set for children aged three to nine years. There is a different fee for citizens of India and SAARC countries and citizens of other countries.