Jul 12, 2024

HAN will organize Sitaram Darshan and tourism promotion campaign

HAN will organize Sitaram Darshan and tourism promotion campaign

KATHMANDU, Feb 14:The Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) will host the Sitaram Darshan and tourism promotion event from March 3rd to March 6th. To enhance the number of Indian tourists and encourage religious tourism, the han will undertake a three-day promotion program.

According to the HAN, the world's attention has been drawn to the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, India, and this program is being held to attract more Indian tourists to Nepal by keeping Ayodhya close to Janakpur and other Hindu Peeths in Nepal.

At the ceremony, Indian tour operators and distinguished guests will be greeted with holy water prasad collected from religiously significant temples and pithas such as Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Doleshwar Mahadev, and Halesi Mahadev. The HAN also announced that greetings with rudraksha garlands and sandalwood from Pashupatinath, as well as Janakpur prasad, will be distributed.

A group of hotel and tourism business owners will perform puja at the Ram temple to raise awareness and promote tourism. This will reinforce religious, cultural, and social ties between Sita's birthplace, Janakpur, and Ayodhya for generations and aid in the promotion of religious tourism.

To lure Indian travelers to various religious shrines and tourist attractions during the upcoming tourist season, B2B and Nepal promotion activities will be held in Lucknow, in collaboration with other reputable tour operators in neighboring Indian towns.

In addition, in order to promote Nepal, a supper with Nepali Raithane cuisine will be conducted after the performance, along with a package designed to attract Indian tourists.

The HAN hopes that this program will also promote promotional efforts such as the "Chaliya Pokhara Campaign" run by Pokhara and the "Ghumaun Sauraha" (Visit Sauraha) campaign run by Sauraha Chitwan.