Jun 25, 2024

Agreement between NTB and Bharatpur Metropolitan to make the tourism year successful

Agreement between NTB and Bharatpur Metropolitan to make the tourism year successful

CHITWAN, Feb 23:The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality have reached an agreement to collaborate together on the 'Bharatpur Visit Year 2024' campaign. On Wednesday, the two parties agreed to promote Bharatpur Visit Year in Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

The NTB would contribute Rs 7 million to the overall spending of Rs 37 million for the Bharatpur visit year campaign. The agreement states that the funds will be used for tourism and human-wildlife conflict management courses, 'brochure, sticker, digital board, hoarding board,' international tourism promotion, promotional activities in other towns, and 'nature guide' training.

On that occasion, Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality Chief Renu Dahal appreciated the NTB's support in making the visit year a success. The board also urged that the tests conducted thus far be used to the fullest extent possible to ensure the campaign's success. Chief Dahal expressed her expectation that the year of the visit will play an essential role in encouraging the country's economic recession and the subsequent disappointment.

In the program, Hikmat Singh Ayer, senior director of the NTB, stated that the private sector will play a vital part in making the tourism year a success. Senior Director Ayer stated that, while the Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality organized the visit year, the campaign will be successful because to the packages, services, and preparation provided by the private sector. 

He stated that the NTB has a work schedule in place to carry out various promotional programs in coordination and cooperation with the private sector in order to make this year's Bharatpur visit successful. 

The Metropolitan Municipality has stepped up its preparations for the visit year.