Jul 12, 2024

Travel Agency Intrepid Chairman Darrell Wade in Kathmandu

Travel Agency Intrepid Chairman Darrell Wade in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, March 22:Darrell Wade, co-founder and chairman of the famous travel operator Intrepid, arrived in Kathmandu on Thursday afternoon for a three-day visit.

A program has been planned for him to meet with representatives from various industries to discuss the possibilities of tourism in Nepal.

"He has a programme to meet and interact with various stakeholders regarding the possibility of promoting tourism in Nepal," said Ashish Burma, General Manager of Intrepid Nepal. "During his South Asian tour, he traveled through India and arrived in Nepal." His visit to Nepal helps to promote Nepal's tourism around the world.

Intrepid, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, travels to diverse tourist spots in 150 countries worldwide.

Intrepid has offices in 28 countries, including Nepal, and has been offering excursions. Intrepid is among the world's most popular travel agencies.

In 2023, Intrepid took 250,000 tourists to various nations. The Intrepid Everest base camp trek is also among the most popular in Nepal.

Intrepid has been developing travel packages based on sustainable development and environmentally friendly practices.

"Intrepid has adopted the policy of zero carbon emission and has been making its tour packages accordingly," Burma, the Nepal Manager for Intrepid Expeditions, said. "When traveling in Nepal, we have made package activities according to the environment-friendly policy.