Jul 12, 2024

Sun Securities organizes a Broker Visit Program for Students

Sun Securities organizes a Broker Visit Program for Students

KATHMANDU:Sun Securities Pvt Ltd (Broker No. 64) has set up a broker visit program for students. Sun Securities Pvt Ltd hosted a broker office visit program for Tribhuvan University MBA students during with Global Money Week 2024.

On this occasion, Sun Securities organized an office visit program for MBA students from the Tribhuvan Vishwa Vidyalaya School of Management and the Central Department of Management. On that occasion, the students learned about Sun Securities' transaction and demat account services, as well as the many divisions and tasks that operate within the broker office.

As the broker industry, which is an important sector of the capital market, becomes more professional and competitive, Sun Securities has developed physical infrastructure so that investors can invest safely in the cutting-edge trading arena. Investors will be supplied with amenities such as a spacious and convenient trading area for 4-hour trading, a café service for tea and coffee, and skilled trading staff to purchase and sell for investors who do not know how to trade on their own.

Furthermore, Krishna Giri, president of Sun Securities, informed the students that they offer free internet access as well as a variety of resource materials and books for studying the capital market and investing to investors who buy and sell independently.