May 27, 2024

Adinath Heritage Walk in Kirtipur for Heritage Development

Adinath Heritage Walk in Kirtipur for Heritage Development

KATHMANDU, March 24:A heritage walk  has been organized for Kirtipur to promote heritage.

The Kirtipur Volunteer Society completed the heritage walk from Chobhar Gate to Adinath. Adinath Temple is a religiously important heritage for Rato Machhindranath.

Saroj Shakya, a local cultural expert, led the heritage tour, which taught participants about diverse folklore related to Kirtipur Chobhar's heritage places.

When the Sampada Yatra reached the Adinath temple grounds, the lamp was lit to mark the end.

Kirtipur Volunteer Society was founded in 2061 to organize voluntary service using the knowledge, talents, and capacities of youth, and it has been actively engaged in the domains of youth capacity building, disaster management, and so on.

The society organized this event to celebrated its 19th anniversary.

Sudhan Subedi, President of Kirtipur Volunteer Society, stated that this historical excursion is part of an ongoing campaign for heritage building and development, and he encouraged involvement in the society's events.