May 29, 2024

New cave discovered in Kurgha of Parbat

New cave discovered in Kurgha of Parbat

PARBAT, March 25: A new cave has been found in Kurgha of Phalebas Municipality Ward No. 10 of Parbat.

Various figures of snake god, cows and other attractive idols of gods and goddesses have also been found in the cave said to be of around 100 meters long. The local people have named it 'Naggufa' after snake inscription in stones were found in abundance inside the cave. 

The cave was actually discovered 30 years ago but the locals  ignored it thinking it was a normal hole, said local leader Bhawani Prasad Sharma.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Phalebas Municipality Sobha Kumari Chhetri said research will be carried out to find out the mythological and historical significance of the cave.

The local residents have planned to perform a special pooja on the upcoming Nagpanchami festival and to promote it as a new tourist destination.