May 29, 2024

Nabil Bank's nationwide financial literacy program concluded

Nabil Bank's nationwide financial literacy program concluded

KATHMANDU:Nabil Bank conducted a nationwide program to enhance financial literacy during Global Money Week, focusing on seven provinces. To enhance financial literacy, the bank has created programs for youth and students.

As part of the Global Money Week campaign, which runs from March 18 to 24, the bank has implemented a program to improve financial literacy among around 1900 students in seven provinces across the country.

The bank has been undertaking an awareness campaign with the goal of making youngsters financially aware from an early age, which requires providing strong financial information. Students were taught about saving, budgeting, investing, digital financial literacy, cyber security, and other topics as part of the bank's financial literacy program, which was held in all seven provinces.

More than 673 Koshi province students benefited from a program organized by Nabil Bank branches in various educational institutions across the country to promote financial awareness. According to the bank, 220 pupils from Madhes province attended the financial literacy workshop.

The events held in the various Bagmati institutions have benefited over 425 students. The Nepal Bankers Association Chitwan arranged a financial literacy workshop that involved about 300 bankers and the general population. The bank's literacy program has helped 135 pupils from Lumbini Province and 120 students from Sudurpaschim Province.

In the Karnali area, some 240 pupils have benefited, according to the bank. In partnership with LOFA Pokhara, the bank's Pokhara office in the province of Gandaki has arranged a financial literacy drawing competition. There were two divisions of the competition for students in classes 8 through 10 and 11 through graduation.

According to the bank, this week will see the announcement of the final result. The Nabil Bank Pokhara branch states that rewards consisting of instructional materials would be given to the top three participants in each program category. Throughout the year, Nabil Bank has run a number of initiatives to promote digital banking and increase financial literacy.

There are currently 267 branches, 22 extension counters, and 313 ATMs used by the bank to provide financial services.