May 27, 2024

Fewa New Year Festival: Emphasis on enhancing glory and dignity of tourism capital

Fewa New Year Festival: Emphasis on enhancing glory and dignity of tourism capital

POKHARA, March 29:Pokhara tourism leaders have stressed that the 19th Fewa New Year Festival, which will be organized in Pokhara from April 11 to 13th (Chaitra 29th to Baisakh 1st) by Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal, should improve the dignity and importance of the tourism capital.

Regarding the festival, participants in the association's debate and engagement stated that the festival, which will be held in Pokhara, which was designated as the tourism capital on March 17th, should be given a unique name to recognize it.

Laxman Subedi, president of the association and festival coordinator, stated that the celebration, which will take place from Fishtail Gate to Hallan Chowk in Pokhara, has been planned to reflect the wants and interests of the current generation while conserving Nepali traditional culture.

Subedi mentioned that the event will include cultural programs, panchebaza, dance programs, dohori, and concerts, and that this time, many activities will also take place on the damside. According to him, tourist races and boat races will be featured in the festival to the maximum extent possible. It is expected that the festival, which focuses on tourism, culture, and food, will provide major support to the tourism industry devastated by the Corona pandemic.

During the conversation, Pomnarayan Shrestha, Chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, proposed increasing digital marketing for festival promotion and engaging Indian media representatives as well. After Pokhara was named the tourism capital, he suggested branding it.

During the program, the outgoing president of the association, Bikal Tulachan, general secretary Rajendra Dhakal, Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tourism-related organizations TAAN Gandaki, NATTA Gandaki, female tourism business forum, Pokhara Bird Society, Nepal Air Sports Association, and others, presidents and representatives stated that the Fewa New Year Festival has become Pokhara's identity. He highlighted that the festival marking the proclamation of the capital should be spectacular and civilized. On that day, their organizations pledged support and cooperation to ensure the festival's success.