May 26, 2024

Madhesi Ekta Samaj Qatar celebrated Holi festival

Madhesi Ekta Samaj Qatar celebrated Holi festival

KATHMANDU, March 29:Madhesi Ekta Samaj Qatar celebrated the Holi festival in its capital, Doha, with considerable fanfare. In Terai Madhesh, the Ekta Samaj has traditionally celebrated the Holi festival of colors.

Since the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is currently underway, they held the Iftar program in addition to Holi. They painted each other with colors to exchange wishes, which was the main attraction of the Holi program.

They also performed Jogira and Holi songs to the tune of traditional Baja. On that occasion, they prepared and consumed Madhe's meals of malpuwa, puri, veggies, chutney, and taruwa.

Shiva Kumar Mahato, President of Ekta Samaj Qatar, presided over the Holi program. Chandraveer Yadav, General Secretary, oversaw the event. Manish Yadav, Lalbabu Shah, Tejilal Mandal, Visheshwar Yadav, and Chandraveer Yadav greeted all of the guests and participants.

Dr. Rabindra Kumar Yadav, the founder of Madhesi Ekta Samaj and the International Committee's Coordinator, wished Holi and challenged the society to be stronger.

Pawan Thakur, Abhay Thakur, Gautam Sharma, Ram Hriday Shah, Kamlesh Mahato, Ganga Yadav, Sanjeev Shah, Raja Shah, Shyam Shah, Dharmendra Gupta, Manish Goswami, Jaiprakash Yadav, and others from other Madhesi groups present the program.