Jul 13, 2024

DOT starts Issuing Climbing Permits for Spring season

DOT starts Issuing Climbing Permits for Spring season

KATHMANDU, March 29:The government started issuing climbing permits for the spring season of 2024 this year. The Department of Tourism (DOT) started issuing mountain climbing permits on Monday. 

On Monday, the Department permitted 46 members of seven teams to climb various mountains. 

Rakesh Gurung, the director of the department's adventure and mountaineering office, informed us that permission had been granted to climb five mountains, including Mount Everest.

According to him, permission has been granted to climb Mt AmaDablam, Mt Jugal-3, Mt Annapurna-1, Mt Everest, and Mt Himlung during the first phase. The department has approved two teams to climb Mt Annapurna and one team to climb other summits. 

According to the department, 13 women were among those granted climbing permission. Gurung stated that the department received revenue of 18.2 million  rupees from Monday's climbing permits. This season, Everest is the most important attraction for mountaineers. He stated that 400 persons are estimated to take the permission to climb Mount Everest during the 2024 season.

Spring is thought to be the best season for mountain climbing. The majority of Everest climbs take occur during this season. Nepal receives the highest revenue from Everest climbing permits. Climbers must finish the climb within 75 days of acquiring their permit. Meanwhile, the department is preparing to increase the Everest climbing fee. The department's director, Gurung, plans us that there are plans to increase the Everest climbing fee beginning in 2025. "It has been proposed to increase the fee," he added. "If the Cabinet approves the proposal, the fee for climbing Mount Everest will increase from 2025."

The mountain climbing fee, which has been in effect since June 1, 2015, is now being implemented. According to the department, the fees for foreign and Nepalese climbers differ. Fees also vary by season. The highest charge is set for the spring season. Foreigners who climb Mount Everest in the spring must pay $11,000 USD per person. This charge covers the Everest Normal Route. If you choose alternative ways, you will have to pay $10,000 USD. Nepali climbers must pay Rs 75,000 per person when taking the standard route. Climbing from another route will only cost 60,000 rupees. 

In the spring of 2023, 478 persons obtained permission to climb Mount Everest.