Jul 13, 2024

Welcoming the Nepali New Year: Fewa Festival Presented by HAP

Welcoming the Nepali New Year: Fewa Festival Presented by HAP

KATHMANDU, April 10:In a bid to celebrate the Nepali New Year 2081 and promote tourism, Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal has announced the Fewa New Year  Festival from April 11th to April 13th. The major aim of this program is to promote Pokhara’s lifestyle, cuisine, and new tourism offerings to provide an unforgettable experience for locals and tourists alike.

The General Secretary of Hotel Association Pokhara, Nepal Mr. Rajendra Dhakal, informed us how Pokhara is expanding the festival area to include not only the lakeside but also the dam side, stretching over 3.5 kilometers. This innovative expansion is statement showing how Pokhara is living up to its name as the tourism capital of Nepal.

Preparations for the festival are in full swing, with all infrastructure and amenities meticulously arranged. Roads have been adorned with dazzling decorations and lighting, while restaurants are lined up in the food track, promising a diverse array of local cuisines. The three stages are set to come alive with captivating cultural performances.

One of the festival's highlights is a free DJ session scheduled for the evening of April 12th, open to all festival-goers. However, the true essence of the event lies in the local artists showcasing rare and endangered cultural performances such as Sarangi, Panche Baja, Bhajan, Chutka, and


With more than 300,000 estimated attendees, the program is set to be a grand spectacle, especially due to this being the right season for tourism. To ensure the safety and security of all participants, 21 sub-committees, along with numerous volunteer teams, are working tirelessly, with support from the sub-metro.

Hotel bookings are already underway, with tourists arriving during the festival set to enjoy a generous 20% discount on accommodations. Moreover, traditional local foods will be proudly displayed, offering a taste of authentic Nepali cuisine to visitors from around the world.

The Fewa New Year Festival will not only provide an immersive cultural experience but also propel Pokhara onto the international stage as a premier tourist destination. As the momentous occasion draws near, the organizers extend a warm invitation to all, both within Nepal and beyond, to come and celebrate the rich tapestry of Nepali culture at this spectacular event.