Jul 13, 2024

New Year's Eve Thamel Street Festival will take place on April 12

New Year's Eve Thamel Street Festival will take place on April 12

KATHMANDU, April 11:On the eve of Nepali New Year 2081, a street festival will take place in Thamel, the capital's major tourist destination.

The Thamel Tourism Development Council (TTDC) held a press conference on Wednesday to announce that the Thamel Street Festival will be held on the eve of New Year's 2081, on Friday, April 30th (April 12th).

Prasray Rajbhandari, the council's vice-president and festival coordinator, announced at the press conference that the 'New Year's Eve Thamel Street Festival' will take place this year, as it did last year. He stated that the street festival was created to promote tourism in the Thamel area.

According to Coordinator Rajbhandari, the Thamel Street Festival will take place on Friday evening, 30th Chaitra (April 12th), in the presence of different tourism-related organizations and the Minister of Tourism. On the same day, in the evening, Thamel will host a cultural event, as well as sales and distribution of produced products.

In a press conference, TTDC President Bhabishowor Sharma stated that the road festival will be staged to promote Thamel as a nationally and internationally desirable destination.

He stated that security in Thamel will be tightened by collaborating with security agencies during the festival. President Sharma stated that in order to establish Thamel as a lovely tourism destination, the wires in the area have been managed and the roads resurfaced and restored.

According to President Sharma, the TTDC has installed adequate CCTV cameras in the Thamel area in collaboration with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Nepal Police. Because there will be a program in Thamel on New Year's Eve, the TTDC has also recommended that vehicles entering from outside take an alternate route because traffic management will be difficult due to the increased throng.