Jul 12, 2024

Forward Microfinance hands over death claim payment

Forward Microfinance hands over death claim payment

KATHMANDU:Forward Microfinance Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited, as provided insurance money to the family of a client member following his death. Forward Microfinance Laghubitta paid 1.5 million 75 thousand in loan insurance to the family of a Sarlahi client who died in an accident.

Bindra Devi Dhami of Ishwarpur Municipality Ward No. 14 received a loan of 7 lakh rupees from Forward Microfinance Laghubitta on Chaitra 7, 2079. She was making regular loan payments. After he died in an accident while the installment of 6 lakh 65 thousand 267 rupees was yet to be paid, the Forward Microfinance Laghubitta said that the amount to be paid by him was waived.  Also, after deducting the remaining loan payment principal and interest amount, nine lakh nine thousand seven hundred 32 rupees have been set aside for death claim insurance.

Bindradevi earned a total insurance payout of 15 lakh 75 thousand. According to Forward Microfinance Laghubitta, he received 225 percent of the insurance money.

Forward Microfinance Laghubitta prepared a function in which Ishwarpur Municipality Chief Manoj Kumar Acharya handed over the insurance amount to Bindradevi's husband, Rajbir Dhami.