Jul 12, 2024

Increasing tourist infrastructure surrounding Parsa National Park

Increasing tourist infrastructure surrounding Parsa National Park

PARSA, April 17:The number of tourism structures, including as hotels and resorts, around Parsa National Park is growing.

The number of local and foreign tourists visiting Madhes province's lone park has expanded, prompting the building of resorts and hotels in the surrounding area. After being upgraded from a reserve to a park, hoteliers began establishing hotels and resorts with large investments to attract both local and foreign guests.

Many hotels and resorts have opened both within and outside the park. It has yet to open."

A resort was developed near the park with a 25 million investment, and a community homestay was established in the buffer zone of the center area. The amount of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the park, which is considered the primary home for elephants, is also expanding.

The government declared it Nepal's 12th national park in 2074, citing the expansion of tourism potential and infrastructure. The park, which is connected to three districts, including Parsa, Bara, and Makwanpur, is now open to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Santosh Bhagat, the park's information officer, stated that the park is known for its biodiversity and natural beauty, and that the number of tourists from India's bordering nations has gradually increased. There have been 613 tourists in the first eight months of the current fiscal year. The park is home to 37 mammals, 490 birds, 13 reptiles, and 31 butterflies.