Jul 13, 2024

US Ambassador visits northern Gorkha

US Ambassador visits northern Gorkha

GORKHA, April 18:Dean Thompson, the American ambassador to Nepal, has reached in  northern Gorkha on Tuesday.

Ambassador Thompson and Rajendra Bajgain, Member of the House of Representatives,  visited to Chumanubri Rural Municipality Ward No. 1 in Sama Village.

Ambassador Thompson has arrived in northern Gorkha to tour the Manaslu Himalayan region and Samagaon.

Nepali Congress MP Bajgain, who was elected from the area, stated that there was also a discussion regarding the effects of climate change on the livelihoods of villagers in the Manaslu Himalayan region.

Ambassador Thompson met with people of Sama Village. Ambassador Thompson also visited Barpak on Tuesday.

"Discussions were held with citizens about climate change and tourism potential," said Bajgain, a member of the parliament