Jul 12, 2024

Rhododendron blossoming in TMJ (Photo Feature)

Rhododendron blossoming in TMJ (Photo Feature)

Rhododendrons are blossoming in Tinjure, Milke, and Jaljal (TMJ) districts of Tehrathum, the capital of rhododendron. There are 28 rhododendron species in the area, out of the 32 known worldwide. Laliguras municipality, located in Tehrathum, eastern Nepal, is regarded the gateway to rhododendron tourism. 

Rhododendron flowering is synonymous with blooming in Nepal. TMJ is the spot where Nepal blossoms. These figures were compiled by the IUCN in 2010. 


In 1998, the TMJ region, also known as the 'rhododendron capital' of the country, was designated a rhododendron conservation area.