Jul 24, 2024

Australian Investment in Hospitality Sector in Rara

Australian Investment in Hospitality Sector in Rara

KATHMANDU, April 29:Australia's Expert Group will invest in the first luxury resort to be built in Rara, the beautiful place in western Nepal. The agreement in this regard was signed at the third investment conference which started in Kathmandu from Sunday.

The agreement was signed by Badri Aryal and Sanjiv Sharma on behalf of Expert Group and Abhishek Bikram Shah on behalf of Rara Holdings Pvt. Ltd ON 29 April, 2024 on the sideline of the summit.

From this resort, which will be built at a height of 3,700 meters above sea level, one can see the best view of the Rara Lake and the mountains in the area, as well as the surrounding areas.

Rara Holdings Pvt Ltd said that the resort will be built in a Nepali design that is environment-friendly and will reflect the local culture, and utilizing the resources and facilities available at the local level.

This project is the first luxury resort in Karnali province of Nepal which still lacks the standard hotels despite its huge tourism potential in the region.

Expert Group has investments in education and hydropower in Australia and Nepal. With this deal, Expert Group has also expanded its investment in the tourism sector.