Jul 24, 2024

NAC's plane lands at TIA after repairs in Israel

NAC's plane lands at TIA after repairs in Israel

KATHMANDU, April 30:An plane with the call sign 9N-AKX operated by Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has arrived in Kathmandu after being repaired in Israel.

According to NAC Spokesperson Ramesh Poudel, the plane arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) on Saturday, April 27th, after undergoing maintenance in Israel.

Following a technical issue, one of the plane's engines was being repaired at an Israeli Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) company.

According to Spokesperson Poudel, the repair was delayed because all 31 blades in the engine needed to be replaced, as well as other technical issues discovered during the requisite technical examinations.

According to the report of the concerned engineer and technician, the repair was delayed due to a shortage in the linked spare parts market and supply difficulties caused by war-affected areas.

The plane was due to depart following repairs on April 22, 2024, as planned. According to the NAC, the NAC planes will resume regular flights once the repairs are completed, subject to passenger demand and market pressure.