Jul 24, 2024

ITC's Nepalese Venture: Fortune Resort & Wellness Spa Bhaktpur Grand Opening

ITC's Nepalese Venture: Fortune Resort & Wellness Spa Bhaktpur Grand Opening

KATHMANDUI,April 30: Fortune Resort and Wellness Spa Bhaktapur, a four star hotel, opened its doors atop the hills of Sanga in Bhaktapur. Previously known as Hilltake Wellness Spa and Resort, it has found new managerial support from ITC hotels in India. ITC is a prominent hotel chain in India that has chosen to debut internationally via this collaboration, boasting sixty-six hotel properties under it.

The Chief Guest, Minister Damodar Bhandari from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies commended the private investment in the tourism sector, expressing his belief in its significant contribution to industry growth.  Highlighting Bhaktapur's status as a cultural hub, Minister Bhandari emphasized how the billion rupees investment in the resort would enhance the city's appeal as a tourism destination. 

Mr. Samir MC, the Managing Director of Fortune Hotels India, expressed exhilaration for the international debut of Fortune Hotels in Nepal as a part of the ‘beyond borders’ expansion strategy. He praised the global sustainability efforts of the brand and reiterated its commitment to accomplishing significant milestones. Mr. Samir MC outlined the features of the resort, emphasizing its focus on holistic wellness with amenities such as sauna, jacuzzi, and spa therapy for detox cleansing.


Mr. Kamal Jain, the Chairman of Hilltake Health and Homes Pvt. Ltd of the Hotelreflected upon the remarkable journey of the business, which began 32 years ago and steadily expanded. Jain's vision for the resort is not just luxury but holistic wellness as well. He noted how the company persevered through damage done by the earthquake and covid under the guidance of the Kailashnath Mahadev statue. 

Mr. Pulkit Jain, the Managing Director of Hilltake Health and Homes Pvt. Ltd emphasized the diverse experiences offered by the hotel and enhanced the tranquility of Bhaktapur. He also announced plans to double the capacity of the rooms. Pulkit Jain highlighted the allied spirit between Hilltake and ITC, stating that the inauguration represented the redefinition of hospitality. 

The ceremony concluded with a key handover ceremony, and a plantation program symbolizing growth and sustainability. With sixty six rooms from deluxe to presidential suite, along with cottage rooms, swimming pool, spa, jacuzzi, sauna, massage chairs and many other facilities, Fortune Resort leaves no stones unturned to serve its guests.