Jul 24, 2024

Tourist inflow increases in Myagdi and Mustang

Tourist inflow increases in Myagdi and Mustang

POKHARA, April 30:Myagdi and Mustang's tourist and religious sites are popular with both domestic and international visitors.

Domestic tourists from all across the country have visited Ghodepani and Poonhill in Myagdi, Tatopani and Muktinath, Jomsom, Kaagbeni, and other Mustang destinations.

The traffic police at Kalipul, Beni's entry point, reported that the hotels in the tourism region are full due to the number of visitors,while the public and private vehicles are heavily plying on the road.

Mina Pun, a hotelier from Ghodepani, said that 300 to 400 people watch the sunrise from Punhill, a tourist attraction in Myagdi.

Beni is also the gateway for tourists traveling by land to Mustang, hence there is a large number of tourists in Beni. According to Viren Garbuja, coordinator of the Ghodepani Toll Reform Committee, internal and external tourists have packed Ghodepani and Poonhil since the start of the new year in 2081.

Tourism and hoteliers report that both internal and external tourists have surged in Mustang. According to Naveen Sherchan, a Jomsom businessman, there is a high volume of tourists in Muktinath, Jomsom, Leyte, and Lomanthang in Upper Mustang.

Beni hoteliers report that domestic tourist arrivals have surged dramatically in recent days. Hotelier Baburam Acharya stated that since the first week of Baisakh, more people have visited Myagdi than ever before, and the majority of the large hotels are fully booked.

Previously, Nepalese and Indian tourists preferred to go straight to the Muktinath Temple. He stated that tourists who have visited Muktinath in recent years have also visited Beni, Baglung Kalika, and Panchkot, thereby contributing to the area's tourism development.