Jul 24, 2024

Rope-fixing team opens way to Camp IV in Everest

Rope-fixing team opens way to Camp IV in Everest

KATHMANDU, May 02:Rope fixing team has successfully opened the route up to the Mount Everest's Camp IV (7950m) in the spring season of 2024.

According to the department of  tourism, the job of 'rope fixing' for hanging the rope for climbing Mount Everest is complete up to the camp IV. The weather cooperated, and the department believes that Everest will be climbed beginning May 10th.

According to Rakesh Gurung, director of the department's adventure tourism and mountaineering unit, if the weather cooperates, the rope-fixing team will arrive at the top in a few days and hang the rope, with climbing beginning on May 10. Earlier, a team of icefall medics had traveled from the base camp to the camp II.

"At this time, the responsibility of rope fixing from the Camp 2 to the peak of Lhotse mountain including Everest was given to Seven Summit Treks Pvt. Ltd. under the management of Expedition Operator's Association Nepal and the rope fixing team has completed the work of hanging the rope up to the fourth camp on Sunday," according to a statement released by the department.

According to the department, a total of 390 climbers, including 70 women and 320 males from 37 climbing groups, have obtained permission to climb Mount Everest. Only Rs 55 crore 85 lakh 44 thousand 449 royalties have been earned from Everest climbing.

Director Gurung stated that climbers are eager to ascend Mount Everest and that two to four groups can obtain permission. Climbers are now receiving permits from the department. Many climbers have reached Everest's base camp.