Jul 24, 2024

Jaau hida Resunga campaign to promote tourism

Jaau hida Resunga campaign to promote tourism

KATHMANDU, May 02:The Resunga Municipality of Gulmi will launch a specific tourism promotion effort to raise awareness of Resunga's historical, religious, cultural, and biological richness.

While holding a news conference in Kathmandu on Tuesday, the municipality announced that it was held on the eve of the special promotional program Jaau hid Resunga ('let's go to Resunga'), which will be held in Kathmandu in partnership with the Nepal Tourism Board.

Khildhowj Panthi, the city mayor, announced that a campaign to lure domestic and foreign tourists to Gulmi Resunga will be launched from Kathmandu on the 20th of Baisakh in the presence of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Panthi stated that Resunga, which possesses natural, religious, historical, and mythological elements, will host a variety of activities throughout the year to attract both domestic and international tourists.

Hikmat Singh Ayer, senior director of the NTB, suggested that a package be created to promote Resunga while also developing physical infrastructure. He stated that the board will continue supportthe development of tourism in the area.

Laxman Gautam, director of the NTB, stated that Resunga Tapobhoomi is divine, spiritual, cultural, and wonderful in its natural resources, and that increasing tourism in Resunga will benefit tourism in nearby districts as well.

During the presentation, Dr. Narayacharya Timilsena (Dev baba) remarked that the protection of Shaligram in the Ruru area is vital for the promotion of tourism in Gulmi, and that a law should be enacted to safeguard it.

Resunga is a diverse place in terms of geography, biology, and botany. This area contains forest areas, ashrams, religious locations, monasteries, kunda, ponds, water sources, pati pauwa, yajnashalas, Dharamshala, and ruins. This area is important for biodiversity since it is home to uncommon birds, butterflies, reptiles, and mammals.