Jul 24, 2024

Nepal and Vietnam to work together to strengthen tourism sector

Nepal and Vietnam to work together to strengthen tourism sector

KATHMANDU, May 04:Nepal and Vietnam will work together to strengthen the tourism sector. Such an agreement was reached during a meeting between Nguyen Thanh Hai, Non-Residence Ambassador of Vietnam to Nepal, Rajesh Kaji Shrestha, Honorary Consul General of Vietnam in Nepal, and Deepak Kumar Malhotra, President of the Nepal-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

According to the agreement, it has been decided to send Vietnamese tourists to birth place of Buddha Lumbini in conjunction with relevant agencies, as well as to promote the country's tourism industry development. 

Similarly, the Nepal Chamber of Commerce will work with Vietnam to promote Nepal's agricultural industry and facilitate the exchange of expertise and innovative agricultural technologies. 

Furthermore, it is stated that, in discussed to improving the country's food security by expanding agricultural production, enhancing the efficiency of information technology and streamlining import-export was explored.

Similarly, it was discussed about  conducting a food project at Vietnam's request, conduct direct air transport between Nepal and Vietnam, operate transit flights in Vietnam to assist foreign destinations, and support Ambassador Hai's initiative to create a new investment the environment.