Jun 17, 2024

Tourism Minister Tamang congratulated Kami Rita

Tourism Minister Tamang congratulated Kami Rita

KATHMANDU, May 15:Hit Bahadur Tamang, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, has congratulated Kami Rita Sherpa who set the record for ascending Mount Everest. Climber Sherpa reached a new record by ascending Mount Everest for the 29th time on Sunday morning.

Minister Tamang congratulated the Sherpas who arrived at Basecamp on Monday morning via video call.

Minister Tamang extended his gratitude to the Sherpas, who returned with a team of 20 individuals, for enhancing Nepal's reputation by achieving a world record. "Take care of your safety and health while climbing," Minister Tamang advised the Sherpas. "You have made a significant contribution to the country." The state will also show you proper respect.

Minister Tamang wished all of the climbers success via video chat and directed the subordinate authorities to pay special attention to the climbers' safety. The Department of Tourism has set up a temporary camp at the base camp.

The minister has directed Khemlal Gautam, the camp's contact chief, to ensure the climbers' safety and not cause any issues.