Jul 13, 2024

Remittance to Expedition: Udaya from Panchthar scales Mt Everest

Remittance to Expedition: Udaya from Panchthar scales Mt Everest

KATHMANDU, May 19:Udaya Kerung, from eastern district Panchthar, has summitted the world’s highest peak Everest on Sunday morning.

According to his expedition company 8K Expeditions, he made it to the summit at 6:08 AM on 19th May, along with other Nepali and foreign climbers.

He had aimed to conquer Mount Everest after a remarkable ascent of Mount Manaslu on September 24, 2023. His passion for mountain climbing was ignited during his early trekking days, with a significant milestone being the conquest of Mera Peak during a small expedition.

This pursuit of Everest is a physical challenge but mainly a testament to Uday's resilience in the face of financial strain. Having spent 13 years in Malaysia for foreign employment, he understands the financial burden associated with mountain climbing.

The financial investment required to climb Everest is more than Rs. 300,000. But he aimed to use the foreign currency he earned from Malaysia to climb mountains.

He stands as a symbol of efficiently investing in using remittance and foreign currency for the betterment of Nepal. While he did not have sponsors during his expedition, he was determined to utilize his foreign earnings to invest in his passion for mountain climbing.

Coming from an area where mountain climbing is not widely practiced, Uday has relied on the support and guidance of fellow climbers from Panchthar who have scaled Everest before him. He believed that as a Nepali, it was his ultimate dream to reach Everest summit. The influx of tourists that travel from all over the globe just to climb, also inspired him.

Udaya Kerung's quest to conquer Everest not only symbolizes personal triumph but also underscores the potential for individuals like him to drive positive change and investment in Nepal's tourism industry, paving the way for future generations of climbers to follow in his footsteps.