Jun 15, 2024

World Peace Puja to be organised in Lumbini tomorrow

World Peace Puja to be organised in Lumbini tomorrow

KATHMANDU, May 22: The World Buddhist Religious Association is to organise the World Peace Puja in Lumbini tomorrow, May 23. 

The prayer ceremony will be complemented by a mass exhibition of Buddha idols. This event, featuring one thousand idols of Gautam Buddha, aims to propagate a message of peace amidst the escalating conflicts among powerful nations in recent times.

The information was shared during a press conference held here today. Ani (Yogini) Bhim Suwa Gurung, Chairperson of the Association, stated that the commencement of the event will coincide with the 2568th Buddhist Jayanti celebrated this year. 

As the Ani said, the event further promotes Buddhist literature and philosophy on the international stage, bridging emotional gaps among individuals, discouraging conflicts among powerful nations, and minimizing their impacts on people's lives.

Previously, the Association has organized similar events in around 20 nations. Religious leaders and Buddhist philosophers from various countries will participate in this event aimed at promoting global welfare.

Buddha Jayanti is observed as a national festival in Nepal and is also celebrated in India, China, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, Cambodia, and Laos. Official celebrations of Buddha Jayanti began on May 21, 1949, in Nepal during the tenure of the then King Tribhuvan.