Jul 12, 2024

2568th Buddha Jayanti being celebrated

2568th Buddha Jayanti being celebrated

KATHMANDU, May 23: The 2568th birth anniversary of Siddhartha Gautam popular around the world as Buddha, the harbinger of peace is being celebrated today. 

Buddha Jayanti is celebrated every year on the full moon day of the month of Baisakh in the Lunar calendar. As Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death falls on the full moon day of Baishakh, Buddhists around the world, including in Nepal, celebrate the day with reverence and devotion to Buddha.

Likewise, Buddhist monks and religious leaders sit in chaityas, monasteries, vihars etc., and perform traditional rituals. 

Special events are held in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha and in Kapilvastu, Swayambhu and Boudha. 
Siddhartha Gautam was born to King Suddhodhan and Queen Mayadevi in Lumbini of present Rupandehi district in 563 BC i.e. 2568 years ago. Born as a prince, he became worried seeing the sufferings of the people. 

At the age of 29, he left the palace and went for meditation and penance.