Jul 24, 2024

TTDC demanded Bagmati state government to abolish entertainment tax

TTDC demanded Bagmati state government to abolish entertainment tax

KATHMANDU, June 01:The Thamel Tourism Development Council has urged that the 5% entertainment tax imposed on Thamel area be abolished.

The team, lead by the council's chairman, Bhabiswor Sharma, met with the chief minister of Bagmati province, Shalikram Jamkattel, and the ministers, submitting a letter demanding the removal of the entertainment tax imposed on businesses in the Thamel region.

For a long time, the council declared the Thamel area as a special tourist area and demanded that all business owners register as unconditional tourism business owners at the Valley Tourism Office.

The team stated that the environmental impact assessment (IE and EIA) has been demanded in the hotel currently operating in Thamel, which will cause unnecessary hassle in the Renewal process, and has demanded that it be Renewal in an easy way without the said 'report'.

The Council raised the issue of its demand by meeting with Speaker Bhuwan Bahadur Pathak, Deputy Speaker Apsara Chapagain, Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning Jagannath Thapalia, Minister of Internal Affairs and Law Ganganarayan Shrestha, Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Cooperatives Shailendraman Bajracharya, and others.

During the discussion, Chief Minister Jamkattel expressed his intention to take the council's demands seriously and implement them as quickly as feasible.

The meeting was attended by Club Association President Raju Danai, Night Business Association President Rupesh Gurung, Dohori Association President Binod Shrestha, and other businessmen.