Jul 24, 2024

"Building Bridges, Boosting Tourism: HAN to do major program in China"

"Building Bridges, Boosting Tourism: HAN to do major program in China"

KATHMANDU, June 01:The Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) is launching a major push to attract more Chinese tourists.  A 75-member delegation led by HAN President Binayak Shah departed for China Saturday for a seven-day promotional program in Beijing and Chengdu (June 1st to 7th).

This initiative capitalizes on the recent surge in Chinese visitors to Nepal. HAN plans for the delegation to directly engage with prominent Chinese travel and tour operators through "B2B meetings" and targeted Nepal-focused programs. 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is also to be signed on bilateral tourism promotion between HAN and its counterpart, the China Hotel Association.  This MoU, along with potential agreements with other economic and tourism organizations, signifies a commitment to cooperation.

The Nepali Embassy in Beijing and the Consulate General's office in Chengdu will provide crucial support for the program's smooth execution. The Nepal Tourism Board will showcase Nepal's captivating beauty and diverse experiences through presentations.

Sajan Shakya, Secretary General of HAN, emphasized the collaborative nature of the program: "The program will be coordinated by the Nepali Embassy in Beijing and the Consul General's office in Chengdu and the presentation on tourism in Nepal will be made by the Nepal Tourism Board."

This event is sure to cause great ripples in the tourism industry in Nepal while establishing friendly relations with China.