Jul 24, 2024

HAN in China : Ram Sundar Bake on Boosting Tourism

HAN in China : Ram Sundar Bake on Boosting Tourism

KATHMANDU, June 03: The Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) is launching a major promotional program in China. Mr. Ram Sundar Bake, chairman of Highland Village Resort, shares his experience regarding this program and the expectation he has. 

According to Mr. Bake, a recent promotional program in China run by HAN demonstrates the potential for collaboration with key stakeholders like the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). This program highlights the growing recognition of Nepal as a desirable tourist destination, particularly for Chinese travelers.

Mr. Bake emphasized that accessibility is one of the most significant barriers to increased tourism. He believes establishing direct air routes between major Chinese cities and Nepal, particularly to Pokhara, would significantly improve travel ease. Collaboration between the Nepali government and airlines like Himalayan Airlines is crucial for achieving this goal, he noted. Utilizing existing airports in Pokhara and Bhairahawa for international travel holds further potential, but successful implementation hinges on resolving air route restrictions currently imposed by India, Mr. Bake added.

Nepal's natural beauty, Mr. Bake pointed out, is a magnet for adventure tourists.  The majestic Himalayas, including eight peaks exceeding 8,000 meters, offer unparalleled trekking and mountaineering experiences.  Beyond adventure, Nepal's rich Buddhist heritage and sacred sites like Muktinath and Pashupati hold immense appeal for religious tourists from both India and China, according to Mr. Bake.

To effectively tap into these markets, Nepal must implement a targeted marketing strategy, Mr. Bake advised.  Social media campaigns, partnerships with travel agencies in these countries, and participation in travel expos offer promising avenues for showcasing Nepal's unique offerings, he suggested.  Additionally, simplifying visa processes for Indian and Chinese tourists can significantly enhance the ease of travel, Mr. Bake concluded.

The key to unlocking Nepal's tourism potential lies in collaboration, Mr. Bake believes. Direct engagement with the Indian and Chinese governments is essential to position Nepal as a must-visit destination, he argued.  By working together with airlines, travel agencies, and neighboring countries, Nepal can leverage its natural beauty, cultural richness, and religious significance to attract a larger share of tourists from China and India, Mr. Bake concluded.  This will contribute significantly to Nepal's economic growth and development.

The program includes business meetings with Chinese travel agencies, signing an MoU with the China Hotel Association to promote tourism, and presentations by the Nepal Tourism Board. This collaborative effort with the Nepali Embassy and Consulate in China aims to strengthen ties with China and boost Nepal's tourism industry.