Jul 13, 2024

First Fewa Boat Race to be held on June 14th

First Fewa Boat Race to be held on June 14th

POKHARA, June 10:Fewa Boat Association will organize a first boat racing competition in Fewa Lake.

Balram Giri, the association's president, said that a first boat race competition and a one-day celebration will be held on the association 's 30th foundation day.

The organizer stated that the competition will take place on June 14th, adding that the fair and competition will encourage tourism in Pokhara. The boat racing tournament will feature 40 teams, according to the association's secretary, Shiva GC. He stated that there will be different squads for men and women.

The competition requires three persons per team, and only wooden boats can be utilized. Similarly, a registration cost of Rs 300 per team has been determined. The competition will be open to both native and foreign players, as well as tourists.

According to President Giri, if a participant does not have a boat, the organizer will arrange one. The men's team will compete in 2100 meters, while the ladies will participate in 1500 meters.

The first prize will be Rs 30,000, the second Rs 20,000, and the third Rs 10,000 for the men's category.

Similarly, the first, second, and third place winners in the women's category will each receive a certificate and Rs 20,000, 15,000, and 10,000.

The organizers predict that completing the competition will cost approximately 240,000 rupees. He stated that the money saved from the competition would be used to clean Fewa Lake.