Jul 24, 2024

FC Chitwan hosted an interaction at Bharatpur on various aspects of football

FC Chitwan hosted an interaction at Bharatpur on various aspects of football

KATHMANDU:The football team 'FC Chitwan' has interacted with stakeholders about various aspects of football in Nepal.

FC Chitwan conducted a debate in Bharatpur during the Bharatpur Mayor's Cup football event about measures to develop young Nepali football potential and establish a sustainable future. Over 500 Nepali football players, students, and stakeholders took part in the participated.

During the interaction, several perspectives were provided on the role of local bodies, organizations, private organizations, and players in the growth of football games and players. The conversation also touched on crucial themes such as stakeholder coordination, creating an investment-friendly environment, revamping the league system, and including players' views in policymaking.

Along with the interaction, professionals delivered presentations on important issues such as sports science, nutrition, physical fitness, sports psychology, and injury prevention. The student-athletes were enthusiastic about the latest equipment and performances. The players suggested that it be tied to future training and development.

The interaction was attended by all Nepal Football Association Presidents, including Pankaj Bikram Nembang, Sachin Dhakal of FC Chitwan, and Bikram Lama of the Players Association.

With this interaction, FC Chitwan has committed to continuing the process of football development at the local level in collaboration with its partners.