Jul 24, 2024

Bandipur cable car in commercial operation from Today with 60 percent discount

Bandipur cable car in commercial operation from Today with 60 percent discount

KATHMANDU, June 13:The Bandipur cable car, which has been completed in Bandipur, will be commercially operational from today Thursday.

The company has also announced a 60 percent discount offer for a limited time on the occasion of its commercial launch.

The company said that the cable car, which has been partially operating since April 13th, will be operational from Thursday.

Ramchandra Sharma, the chairman of the company, informed that the company has received the 'Commercial Operation TUV Certificate' and is now going to operate the cable car commercially.

TUV Nord India, a company under TUV Nord Germany, supervised the project and awarded the certificate.

About a year ago, all the mechanical components of the cable car were installed and load tested.

Sharma informed that the company received the TUV certificate after the trial period in three stages.

Sharma informed that the international technology and safety quality test certificate (TUV certificate) was obtained after load testing and cable car upgrade and guaranteeing safety in all aspects.

"Since the company has given safety and quality the first priority, we are going to operate the cable car for the general public only after completing all the preparations and creating a completely safe environment," he said. You can visit the famous Khadgadevi temple of Bandipur by riding the cable car. Preparations are being made to open the temple to the general public.'

According to him, the company said that the temple, which was previously open to the public only on Maha Ashtami day, can now be visited every day.

He said that one can get an adventurous feeling like climbing a rock that looks like a 90-degree climb from a cable car.

The cable car can cover a distance of 1,700 meters from Chowk to the temple in 7 minutes.

A 'drive-in' restaurant with state-of-the-art facilities has already been put into operation at the bottom station of the cable car.

With the aim of providing international level (five star) facilities to foreign and domestic tourists, the restaurant 'Drive In' has been operational since April 13th.

Similarly, a wild museum, children's zone, an attractive park with 33 koti gods and goddesses have come into operation at Bottom station. Adventure sports such as zip line, sky cycling etc. can also be experienced in the park.

Chairman Sharma informed that out of the total cost of Bandipur Hill, Rs 433 crore has been completed so far out of the total cost of Rs 629 crore.

According to the overall Bandipur Hill master plan, all the structures are targeted to be completed within the next 2 years.

A 17-storey five-star hotel named 'Queen Tower' under construction is being prepared to be put into operation within the next 5 months.

Similarly, the company said that within 2 years, the Sky Walk, 85 meter long canty lever glass walk through, 293 meter high bungee jump claimed to be the world's highest, 2800 meter long zip line in the shape of seven, cheer lift cable car from Bandipur to Siddha Cave will be completed.

Out of the 31 gondolas of the cable car, 21 are passenger gondolas. This cable car, which has the capacity to carry 500 passengers per hour, will run daily from 6 am to 11 pm with different shifts.

The cable car is also preparing to introduce new flavors by operating 6 restro cabin and Restaurant lounge from 5 pm to 11 pm.

But it will take up to a year to get this cable car service.