Jul 13, 2024

Entrepreneurs urged Chinese minister to facilitate China-Bhairahawa regular flights from GBIA

Entrepreneurs urged  Chinese minister to facilitate China-Bhairahawa regular flights from GBIA

BHIRAHAWA, June 15:Bhairahawa entrepreneurs asked that the Chinese government minister arrange regular flights between China and Bhairahawa from Gautam Buddha Airport, which is located in Bhairahawa.

While Chen Ruifeng, the Chinese Minister of National Religious and Cultural Affairs Administration, visited at Lumbini, the Siddhartha Industry and Commerce Association submitted a memorandum drawing the attention.

Thakur Kumar Shrestha, President of the Association, stated that a memorandum has been submitted to Minister Ruifeng because regular flights from Chinese airlines to Lumbini, Buddha's birthplace, are necessary for millions of Chinese Buddhists.

President Shrestha stated that the group has also asked Minister Ruifeng to facilitate Chinese investments in agriculture and tourism sectors, including the birthing hospital in Buddha's birthplace, Lumbini.

After understanding the request letter, Minister Ruifeng stated that, provided the Nepali government facilitates the policy, the Chinese are willing to invest in the Lumbini area. He also promised to work with the departmental ministries to arrange regular air travel.

Before that, Minister Ruifeng had said that he was positive in the meeting with officials of Nepal China Friendly Society Lumbini and Lumbini Development Trust, the cooperation that can be done in the future focusing on Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, promoting tourism in Lumbini through the Chinese Bihar and sustaining cultural relations between Nepal and China.

Minister Ruifeng learned about Lumbini by visiting Ashok Pillar, Shanti deep (Flame of Peace), Sacred Pond (Puskarini), and Mayadevi Temple.

Huang Zhihui, the head of China's National Religious Affairs Administration's Religious Affairs Bureau, Cheng Song, the Chinese ambassador to Nepal, Minister Ruifeng, and other guests attended the visit. Following a day-long visit, the Chinese team returned on Wednesday.